Utopia Candle: The City of Tomorrow

Utopia Candle: The City of Tomorrow

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Throughout history, people have designed utopias, perfect worlds that aren’t exactly real and yet that serve to illuminate real needs. Contemplating utopias restores and reinvigorates us by helping us to focus on what things could, and might, one day be like. Inside this beautifully-crafted jar, is a candle whose subtly blended fragrance helps to evoke the perfect world described by: the architect Le Corbusier, a realm of elegance, lightness and speed.
Lighting the candle creates a moment in which we are able to reframe, and gain perspective over, some of the problems of our world today.

Scented with freshly cut grass with green pear, rose, lily, jasmine and balsam.

- United Kingdom
Material - Ceramic candle pot
Measurements - Ø8 x 9 cm

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