Kaweco Sport Push Pencil Brass

Kaweco Sport Push Pencil Brass

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Founded in Germany in 1883, Kaweco is known ever since for its beautiful pens and mechanical pencils, pairing tradition and innovation. The Sport line, designed in 1935, is especially appealing for its unique octagonal shape and is quite ergonomic and pleasant in the hand and on paper. The originality, the high-quality components, durability and precision, make the Kawecos essential accessories for those who like to write or draw, an authentic classic!
The bronze version is especially appealing for its sturdiness, elegance and beautiful finish that will change its patina during the passage of time.

Supplied with clip, one 0.7mm graphite lead and and Kaweco gift tin box.

- Germany
Material - Brass body with japanese mechanism
Measurements - 10 cm

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