Culture Memory Game

Culture Memory Game


A card-matching memory game in which players try to pair iconic cultural items.
This is a matching game showcasing iconic works of art, architecture, design, and literature. Each work represents a unique perspective or key insight into the question of how to live a good life. Together, they form a visual index of some of the best ideas in the world.
Designed to be enjoyed by grown-ups and kids of all ages.

How to play:
Mix and place cards face down. Players take turns turning any two cards over at a time. If the cards match, the player takes another turn. If the cards do not match, flip the cards back over and the next player takes their turn. When all pairs have been matched, the player with the most pairs wins.

- United Kingdom
Features - 36 Pairs, printed grey board, supporting booklet
Measurements -  6 x 6 cm cards

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