100 Questions: Original Edition

100 Questions: Original Edition


A set of 100 question cards to spark meaningful conversations around love, life, culture and family.
It isn’t easy to get into a good conversation. Many of our best ones seem to have happened by chance. Far from it – we believe a great conversation always starts with someone asking a great question.
In this set of beautiful cards, you’ll find laid out 100 of the very best questions around, carefully designed to get a group of people into exceptionally entertaining and meaningful conversations.

How to Use the Questions:
You might...
- Play this game at a dinner party to banish superficial chat.
- Play over coffee with friends to initiate playful conversation.
- Create an evening specifically themed around the idea of ‘deep conversation’, using the game as the centerpiece.

- United Kingdom
Features - 100 question cards with box
Measurements -  15 x 11.5 x 5 cm

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