3x3: So-So


When Maria (do Rosário Santos) approached us to introduce So-So we were immediately fascinated by the ingenuity of the collection of the Portuguese brand. A few days later we went to meet Maria and João (Marques) to see their collection of friendly animals. From the alpacas and sheep, the pull dog and the trio of rhinos, the animals mirror the creativity of the duo of architects and their taste of working with their hands.

Tell us a little about yourselves...
We are Maria and João, two architects who met as students in college. Since then we have become companions in life and meanwhile we have created the So-So. We also count on the precious help of my mother (Maria's), who gives us support, above all, in the 'cut and sew'.


What prompted you to create So-So?
In our profession we have always been fascinated by the emotional connection that people develop with the home and the objects that fill it.
As architects we work above all with the scale of the 'house' as a singular space, specific to a particular place.
However, we felt the need to create small objects with 'our own hands', that could punctuate the various houses (and lives) of those who acquire them.
With So-So, we seek to create objects that carry a motto (a proverb or Portuguese expression), and the singularity of each piece is thought and handmade by us.


What inspires you?
We are passionate about Portugal: for its history and traditions. We like simple and beautiful things, capable of creating unforgettable moments with those we like.

Your three favorite products in Cabana?
The Cork City... because we think that toys should enable and help the unlimited imagination of kids.


The Pastor Blanket... because it is beautiful and ideal to warm the cold winter days.


The Pencil Box... because we are passionate about wood and this 'case' is ideal to put in the office.