3x3: Paralela


We discovered the Cork City in a temporary shop dedicated to children in O Apartamento and immediately fell in love with the simplicity, playful and tactile sense of this toy. After visiting the compact atelier of the architects Carla Figueiredo and Luís Valente Silva we realized even better the concept of the Cork City, now available in Cabana. We spoke with the duo to find out more about them:

Tell us a little about yourselves...
We are architects and we live in Lisbon.
We met in college and added to our training Antonio Arroio's equipment design and ETIC's graphic design courses.
In 2006, we created our Paralela-Arquitectos studio and we have been developing projects of different scales in architecture and design.
Paralela was born in 2013, as an online store with a careful selection of designer products with which we identify, but in December 2014 it also became a brand with the Cork City. In the future. we intend to continue to use the brand in the development of new projects in product design, reconciling with the architecture.


What led you to create the Cork City?
The idea of creating a toy came with our son's growth! Initially we wanted to complement the universe of wooden train tracks ... creating stereotypes of buildings in a small town (houses, church, factory...). The cork seemed to us the most indicated natural material, interesting for its qualities and little explored!
During the creative process, the compact blocks of the buildings were eventually fragmented into pieces of different shapes and sizes, thus multiplying the building possibilities (castles, palaces...). The Cork City is also a jigsaw puzzle in the form of a 'house' and a balance tower game.


What inspires you?
We are always inspired by our children and we are always attentive to everything that surrounds us.

Your three favorite products in Cabana?
The Rex Lounge Armchair because we like timeless design.


The Whales Poster because we like illustration and reminds us of illustrated scientific encyclopedias .


The Haws Watering Can in copper Haws for its design, function and uniqueness.