Anatomy of a Classic


When we were choosing products for Cabana, Haws watering can was one of the first to enter the list because it had been watering our plants and herbs for some years. Produced entirely in copper, this beautiful watering can symbolize everything we love in products, matching functionality, beauty and durability.

Designed by John Haws in 1886, this beautiful Haws piece is the proof that when a product has quality and a timeless design it stands the test of time, being useful generation after generation. On top of all this, the watering can is still manually produced in England in small quantities.

Not only is this product extremely practical for the home, conservatory or greenhouse, it also makes a beautiful display piece, a firm favourite with everyone who loves plants and good design.

“This new invention forms a watering pot that is much easier to carry and tip, and at the same time being much cleaner, and more adapted for use than any other put before the public.” Jonh Haws

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